Where to Sell Used Cars – Disposing of an Unwanted or Unneeded Automobile

Persons often have used cars that they no longer need either because they have bought a new car altogether or they want to make some money from their old car. The car may also have become too expensive to repair or maintain. If the car is damaged it is possible that you can still sell the damaged car for cash.

Evaluate the Car’s Current Value

It is important that before you try to sell a used car or sell damaged car for cash that you get an evaluation on the current condition that the car is in. If you eliminate this step you may end up losing some money if you don’t know the value of the car even though it is used or damaged. Two reliable evaluation sources are The Kelley Blue Book and the NADA Guide. These sources will give you estimations on your vehicle based on the current overall condition factoring in the year, make and model of the car.

Start From Home

The easiest way to advertise the sale of your car is to begin in your neighbourhood. You can use word of mouth, posters and local ad in your city paper. You never know there may be someone in your own neighbourhood that may be interested in buying the car. It may be easier to sell damaged car for cash in your neighbourhood as you are able to have persons around you easily view the car without adding much more spending to your wallet.

Use Online Sources

One of the best place to sell car online is through craigslist or eBay. An eBay auction or online classified ad such as craigslist is reachable by thousands and even millions of persons. In placing an ad whether online or in print it is important that you take good pictures (if you will be using pictures) and make sure to list some of the good features about the car. Since the car is used and more than likely damaged it is also important that you are honest about the condition of the car and the damages that it has. For selling on an eBay auction starting at a low bid price will get you noticed and reel in more and more persons. Other reputable online source for selling a used car is Auto Trader which allows you to run an ad until the car is sold.

In an effort to sell damaged car for cash you can also consider selling the car as parts instead of as a whole as this sometimes work out best especially for used cars. There may be some parts on the car that are in better condition than others and so can be sold at a better price as individual elements rather than a whole. Other ways to sell a used or damaged car is to try junk yards or car salvage operators. These businesses deal with inoperable cars and so usually provide the means to tow the car to their location and pay you in cash. If your car is not only unwanted but also inoperable then this would be the best option to use.

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