How to Buy and Sell Junk Cars for Profit

Buying and selling junk cars for profit is usually only easy on the buying end, when it comes to selling however it is not so easy. It is hard to sell damaged car for cash as no one really wants to purchase a damaged, junked car.

What exactly is a Junk Car?

A junk car is usually one which is too damaged to try repair as it would make more sense financially to sell it as parts. To the un-knowing owner he/she may classify it as junk when it really isn’t while to the junk car businessman this is a good opportunity for him to make some money.  Even if a car doesn’t work anymore there are usually still individual parts in it that will work and would be worth some money.

Buying a Junk Car

Buying a junk car is probably the easiest step in the junk yard business. There are many persons around who have cars that they no longer need and want to get rid of. In running a car salvage business it is essential that you know what to do and how to go about purchasing a junk car so as to maximise your profit in the long run. Most persons sell damaged car for cash and in order to be successful in this business you would need to have enough cash handy to purchase the car that you are interested in buying.  The first step in purchasing a junk car is to know the value of the car, it will not profit you to purchase a car for more than what it is currently worth. Sites such as Kelly Blue Book can put a value on the car in the current condition. Knowing the value of the car will determine the offer that you make to the seller.

Selling a Junk Car

There are different ways to sell a junk car. You can sell junk car for removal service, which is basically giving the junk yard or car salvage permission to remove your car in exchange for them taking it off your hands. This method is virtually a loss to you as you will not collect any money, the removal service will not pay you for the car, and they consider removing the car as payment to you. Another option is to repair the car – this option is only profitable is you have the kills yourself and are able to fix the car without use of an expensive mechanic so that you can resell a functioning car. IF the car is in an inoperable state you can scrap it and sell the parts individually. Once you sell the individual parts you can also sell the shell to a metal recycler who will pay you based on the type and weight of the metal in car.

In buying and selling junk cars for profit it is helpful to find persons who want to sell damaged car for cash, have your money handy or easily accessible and also have the tools, skills or knowledge to either repair the car or find profitable ways to resell the car.

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